After His Wild Heart

Silence. Wilderness. Isolation.

A good number of stories we’ve heard on the road thus far have included these themes.

While we do hear amazing accounts of God showing up in incredible ways, we also hear of the loneliness in seeking His will. We hear about the struggles when small communities fold, and the difficulties in trying to be vulnerable.  We learn of sickness and competition and financial woes that further exasperate community dynamics.

But what we are learning is that God is not simply leaving us in the wilderness – He is pointing us towards the wild creativity He has in store for us.

Take Moses, for example. He was in the wilderness for years simply tending sheep. Stupid smelly sheep. He didn’t know how this experience was going to come in handy in the future (or even that it would) when he was called to shepherd God’s people. He wasn’t aware that his time in the wilderness was leading toward something even bigger.

Some of us have battled difficult life experiences. Some are currently in a season in the deepest valley where we don’t see anything around except for the rocks life throws at us. Some of us, quite frankly, feel like giving up.

Our friends, Urban Rescue, sing a song in which the lyrics state, “after your wild heart, we want to be where you are.”   It’s been playing nonstop in my life the past few weeks.

Our God is wildly creative. We may not like it all the time, but there’s a good chance He’s using these times of silence, these times of loneliness, these times of smelly sheep, for the incredible ways in which He’s shaping our future.

Recognize that there is a broader story being written we can actively participate in if we allow God to do His thing, and if we chase after His wild heart – no matter the wilderness it may lead to.

Jamie is a lover of travel, mid-century writings, and unnatural hair colors. She and her husband planted a network of house churches in 2012 to connect the people of Canton, Ohio. They live with a cute little bunny rabbit that intrigues (and freaks out) most visitors and love sitting on their porch, drinking coffee, and living in community. As a leader of the As Family We Go Network, she’d love to hear the stories of what God is doing in your area. Email her at:

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  • Bri
    April 27, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    i needed this encouragement today! And I just happened to be browsing the site this evening. thanks for sharing your heart!

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