“Pastor” Where You Are

Yesterday we had the immense privilege of chatting with church-planter Joe Woodruff. It’s probably not an over-exaggeration to say we all sat around leaning in like kids listening to an epic story as he shared from his wealth of experience as a pastor.


If you had to distill the message of As Family We Go into one tiny sentence, it would be that our hope is that every member of the church would feel empowered and equipped to be a missionary in their own context. Our hope is that As Family We Go would be a resource and community for those who feel like they’re out there doing this one their own, and Joe sums it up so well when he says we’re all called to “pastor”.


So watch Joe’s message, be encouraged. You are called, you are family, together we will go.

Gabby has been involved in missions and church planting most of her life. First in Central Asia, and now on the road working as the written voice for Rend Collective. In As Family We Go, she works as the Creative and Communication director, collecting stories and connecting churches on the road.

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