And We’re Back On The Road

We have officially kicked off the fall leg of our As Family We Go tour and could not be more excited and expectant for what God is going to do! We weren’t really sure what to expect from our spring portion. Yet, it seemed around every corner Jesus was surprising us—surprising us by hearing first-hand accounts of what He is doing in cities across the U.S.; surprising us by seeing the diverse Body of Christ unified in love, joy, and adventure; surprising us by seeing a church per week planted through the course of the tour; surprising us by sending coaches and mentors to guide adventurers who courageously stepped into the wild unknown of building God’s Kingdom in their communities; surprising us by seeing a number of people decide to give Jesus their lives and follow Him!

So—is it any wonder that we cannot wait to see what He surprises us with on these fall dates?

But the thing that has repeatedly left us astounded is that God invites His people to join Him in His mission of redeeming the world. Somehow, for some reason, we have a part to play in the surprises. In the Exodus narrative, Moses too receives quite a surprise from God. Chapter 3 opens with Moses stuck in the monotony of life, wandering through the Midian desert tending sheep… day in… day out. Then God surprises Moses from the most puzzling of places—a burning bush.

“Moses! Moses!” God calls. He then goes on to let Moses know that He is acutely aware of the pain and injustice of His people suffering. “I’ve seen my people oppressed. I’ve heard their cries. I know their suffering. I’ve come to rescue them!” It’s at this point that we can imagine Moses’ spirit perk up and think aloud Great! Can’t wait to see you do your thing God! But then God says the most unexpected and unsettling thing.

“So you get going.”

God is letting Moses know that we each have a part to play in the surprises.

This is why we are so excited and passionate about As Family We Go. This network does not belong only to Rend Collective. It does not belong only to the elite practitioners. It belongs to each of us. That is why we need you! We are calling all leaders, all dreamers, all adventurers to connect with us on our fall tour. We want to meet with those who are playing their part in the surprises on the ground in each city we are visiting on this tour. We want to meet with ministry leaders. We want to meet with church planters. We want to meet with you! If the heartbeat of As Family We Go resonates with you, please reach out to us at to schedule a time that we can meet with you in your city! Below are the dates and cities we will be near you!

October 13 Alamogordo, NM

October 14 Tucson, AZ

October 15 San Diego, CA

October 16 Scottsdale, AZ

October 18 Santa Ana, CA

October 20 Riverside, CA

October 21 Roseville, CA

October 22 Fresno, CA

October 23 Redding, CA

October 25 Nampa, ID

October 27 Colorado Springs, CO

October 28 Lincoln NE

October 29 Lawrence, KS

November 3 Urbana, IL

November 4 West Des Moines, IA

November 5 Sioux Center, IA

November 6 Cedar Falls, IA

November 10 Longview, TX

November 11 Houston, TX

November 12 Fort Worth, TX

November 13 Springfield, MO

November 17 Dayton, OH

November 18 Cornelius, NC

November 19 Cincinnati, OH

November 20 Albertville, AL

Church-planter and teaching pastor of Radial Church in Canton, Ohio, Dustin has been a long-time advocate for equipping churches and individuals with the encouragement they need to reach the world around them with the Gospel. As a leader of As Family We Go, Dustin works connecting church communities with one another, while mentoring young church-planters and community leaders across the globe.

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