Field Notes (Week 1)

It’s cold and snowy here in Fargo, North Dakota, and the green, mossy raininess of the Pacific Northwest feels far away. But the conversations, prayers, and meetings with God’s people are still rumbling deep, low, and powerfully in our hearts. They’ve changed us, and helped us see what we already believe to be true— that the family of God is wide, colourful and diverse. He is crafting expressions of his love through his people across the world.

So let us introduce the family members we had the pleasure of meeting.

In Eugene, Oregon we were inspired by Tim, a realtor who begins his meetings by breaking bread with his staff and listening to worship music.  We talked with Kelsey and Tony who are starting a church this month in a middle school. We prayed with a beautiful young woman who was trafficked, and now feels led to help others through their struggles. We learned of a community dedicated to the elderly and disabled, a group of people who are oftentimes overlooked.

We met a family from Portland who oversee a network of church planters dreaming up creative ways to reach their communities, ranging from missional gatherings in fitness centers to mobile pre-natal care for low-income expectant mothers. Praying with them in the lobby it was clear that it was holy ground we stood upon.

We heard stories of young women in Seattle who are on mission to build each other up instead of tear each other apart.  We learned of the importance of sharing personal struggles of eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, and depression to teenagers to help them see they are cherished princes and princesses of the King.

We’ve met visionaries and adventurers at various points along the church-planting journey: planters who sought us out for insight and guidance, others who needed prayer and encouragement when they felt like giving up, still more folks who night after night have heard God’s voice calling them into church planting and just needed to celebrate with us!

The diversity of the kingdom is being revealed through these communities and we are so thankful for your stories, PNW, and for your participation in the adventure the Lord has called you to.

If you have a story or want to connect with us after our nights of worship please don’t hesitate! We’ll be at the As Family We Go table in the lobby, ready to chat, pray together and celebrate the family of God!

Jamie is a lover of travel, mid-century writings, and unnatural hair colors. She and her husband planted a network of house churches in 2012 to connect the people of Canton, Ohio. They live with a cute little bunny rabbit that intrigues (and freaks out) most visitors and love sitting on their porch, drinking coffee, and living in community. As a leader of the As Family We Go Network, she’d love to hear the stories of what God is doing in your area. Email her at:

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